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Welcome to the Dragon's Nest Comics Café!

Come in, explore our collections of the latest comics, books, and fantasy and media merchandise. (We're only small, though. Hopefully, our range of merchandise will expand over time.) If we don't offer a series you're after, please let us know.

Or alternatively, sit down and relax! We sell a range of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cakes. No, they're not a lie. Our wifi is free, the password is on the wall.
While you're here, why not borrow one of our range of graphic novels - from both western and manga series - a board game, or a deck of game cards? It'll cost less than a TCG booster pack to try any game you like. Check the calendar for events and competitions.

Our notice board is for community use: whether you're selling part of your collection, looking for something specific, have started something new, or just have a message for the world, feel free to use it. (Please, no spam.)

Here, we aim for everyone to feel comfortable and happy. No matter who you are, where you're from, whether this is your first or thousand-and-first visit. As such, if you're being harassed or made uncomfortable in any way, please let us know so we can take action.

Thank you, and have fun! ~the benevolent overlords

(... The shop is bright and colourful, the displays clear and varied, laid out to let the customer see all around easily. On the counter, there's a 'recycle your old comics/etc - bring a thing, leave a thing' box, and a little display of indie and new writers' works.
The café area, a little separated from the shop or possibly on another floor, has comfortable seats; on the walls around it are pictures from local artists, of Western and Japanese styles, fantasy and comic and sci-fi, and photographs of cosplayers of all types with the only standard being awesome costumes.
The coffee smells fresh.)

Just a vision I had the other day. Kind of wish I could visit - or even run - something like that. There's one place I've been that's a little like it, at least in the sense of 'comic shop with café': their coffee comes in 'mortal' and 'mighty' sizes. :D Perhaps there's something closer in some Big City, I don't know - I've heard of gamer café bars anyway.

But our town suffers hard as far as nerd territory goes. (Which is ironic (I think? I no longer know the definition) as there's a comic convention that comes to the uni...) The closest gaming club is fifteen miles down the highway. Which isn't so much far as awkward. Bleh. I know there are geeks here. I've met cosplayers on their way home from cons. It's a uni town fercryingoutloud. So why is it such a black hole? ...rantrantrant.

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So I come up with concepts for stuff that isn't fandom that I want to use, and then find myself assaulted out of the blue with another original setting thing.
Well. Can I call it an original setting thing when the idea behind the setting was that an AU could take place there? Still, the actual meat and potatoes of the thing is all unrelated to the AU possibilities, the worldbuilding's all its own thing, and damn it's fun...

Basically, it's dragons. A draconic civilisation, twelve (once thirteen...) great clans with their own skills and powers. I've been waffling this stuff over with a coupla folks on AIM and getting wafflier each time I do so...

Thinking this one's a keeper. :) Just, as usual, it's wondering what to do *with* the concept and world.


Know I should get my butt on tumblr because that's where all the cool kids these days apparently hang out. But don't really fancy having two separate blogthings going: I like my proper writingly business being on here, I like the format better. Still, suspect that the audience is severely, severely limited. I need to get out more on the interwebs, never mind IRL! Maybe I oughta just use the tumbls for dropping off sketches and quick pics and things that aren't really dA gallery worthy? Coming up with plenty of them, at least...

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Briefly musing on Original Stuff Projects I want to maybe get at one day.

* Firstly, Knight Lights: saviour of the dreaming world story. My mind's gone back to it recently. But damn. If I ever stick it on dA, people are going to see 'dream world, dream eaters' and think of, well, Dream Eaters. And with one of the things in it being 'nightmare creatures want to use human hosts', welp... I don't want to be accused of ripping, when this is a thing I designed ages ago!
I still want to try and design our magical girl knight, at the very least.

* On a similar kind of note? Steampunk, Victorianesque magical girls. Or ... technical girls? IDK.

* Magitek cyborgs and golem-androids. Would go wonderfully in some kind of RPG setting, I think. I wish my drawing skills were good enough to do justice to how I see these things looking... I do stylised animes. I see complex machines and flickering energies.

* Got a vision for a magic type system aligned along two different 'axes', two different classifications; nine basic 'elements' in a grid, a complex rock-paper-scissors system. Perhaps it'd make for some kind of mons-world thing, perhaps something else.

All things I wish I could make into something concrete. But I never finish projects. :(

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Realising I've gone all kindsa quiet again. Which is actually weird, as stuff has been happening in my life; conventions, trips abroad, and yet I've not really been with the saying of the things? Sheesh, I got a tumblr and I ain't tumbld a word!

Guess it's a big thing of 'don't know where to start'. Always is with me. Perhaps I should try another 'blog post a day even if it's total crap' challenge like I did quite some time ago ... I don't know. But man. So flat. So lack of inspiration-y.

Know it'd do me good to interact in more community situations, too. But *points at DW's title.* The one thing I suck at worst is going into established groups of people, established settings. I just end up lurking around...


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Convention report!
AmeCon, Keele University. Which is like an hour from my house, follow one road number all the way. Easiest navigation ever. Phew.

I'm tired as hell from the parties finishing at 1.30am. My feet hurt from picking the worst socks to go with my Org boots. I want to curl up in bed but I daren't do so yet.
...Still. Worth it.

In total, there were ... five KH cosplayers. The crap. I spent a lot of the weekend palling around with the other two Organization 'players (one of whom's actually the guy I was 'argh!'-ing at over the forums... heh. Goes to show, can't always judge folks from interweb posts.) Honestly, it was the most fun I've had cosplaying: I packed a few other things but I kept falling back on Xemnas for the hell of it. We derped around and kept cracking Nobody jokes and generally had a good time. Well, I did anyway, I think the guys did too...
(Think next time (might be London Expo, I'll check whether I can make that) I'm doing Zexion for the more manageable hair (even with them bangs) and being more able to pull a li'l guy like that off. And I've got some fixes to do on my coat; hopefully I can get the paint that rubbed off on it back off, don't want to remake the flipping thing.)

On a non KH note, my Vinyl Scratch went down pretty damn well, too, although the Sharpie dye kept rubbing off the wig. Blue crap everywhere. Another 'welp back to X.' moment thanks to that. Met up with a bunch o' bronies on the Sunday, which was also fun. There were three of us DJs; and rather niftily, one of the actual event DJs invited me and one of the others up to actually have a photoshoot behind the decks. :D I hope the pics come out well!

Didn't go to too many panels; couple on the Saturday but that was mostly it. Spent a lot of the time raiding the dealer's room, chilling in the games room (mostly on the DDR machines), or just plain latching onto any folks I could to hang out with. Pretty relaxed sort of weekend except for the parties. Oh god the parties. Disco night, rave night, cheesy music night. Mah feet... was melting from trying to dance in Org coat, too, but once again, worth it. :p Would've liked to see the inside of the dance hall more too, but I was so tired out after the time I spent there that maybe it would have been overkill? IDK. Still, fun.


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Thinking I need to get my commissions dealy up and going. Especially when I seem to be having spendy times lately. And with Manchester Expo this weekend which I totally forgot about until this week, plus KH3D release, my poor card needs something going back into it. I've got plenty of savings, sure, but I kind of need those for more than buying shinies.

However, I think that a 'you must be able to understand basic economic principles' rule may apply.

Someone on my dA post on the subject just asked me 'what does £5 UK pounds' mean when I tried to clear up that I hadn't told an earlier person 5 dollars.
Suuuure. It's our cute fantasy money that we use on our little mythical island. You know, like munny or gil. It comes in gold bars that need to be transferred by PayPigeon.
How do you get to - well, at least 13 to be on dA, I guess - and not know there is such a thing as pounds? Or is my tiny-island-centric brain not comprehending what it's like to live in such a vast country as the US?
Or am I just being trolled?

Just... what.

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As I have said in the past, what I often consider to be my thing is making stuff. Creating stuff.

And what I want to do more of is hands on stuff. Not poking pixels. While I have pixel projects to poke (eg Keys to the Future and all) I know it'd do me so much good to find things I can physically create.

Perhaps I should start angling towards ... non-derivative works as well as my fan stuff. I mean, heavens, I'd never give that up! I'm a dyed in the wool geek 'n all.

And this blog entry is apparently heavy on the word 'stuff'. Oh well. At least I'm not calling my things 'crap', right?

But thoughts have just come on back to me. A couple of years ago, when I was diagnosed with having an eye condition that could cause trouble in the future, it got me thinking. Perhaps it'd be worth me branching out into art things that aren't just about what you can see...

Then the eye condition turned into 'oh let's just check up on this every year or so' and any thoughts of being able to do stuff outside of work kinda petered out.

But right now, indeed, I have time to do stuff.
And the wondering started again. Maybe it would be worth investigating. Maybe it'd be worth making. Things where sound and touch and scent are important to the art, too, every bit as much as the visual (can't see how taste would work unless the art show provided snacks, but that's not a bad addition to art shows either, huh?) The whole experience. 3D not 2D not pictures on a screen. Heck, 'art in the dark' would make a heck of a title for a display (shut up in the back of my brain KH popcorn gallery). (I typed 'popcorn factory' first, whee.) If you're outdoors somewhere beautiful, you're experiencing the wind and sun around you, the sounds in the distance, the scents in the air... why can't art try and get a bit of that in there?

All that said, though, worried little thoughts are crossing my mind regarding such things, given I'm the sort of person who's made paranoid by talk on t'internet and who has recently dropped off certain prescriptions now that work is no longer a factor in my mental state. Like I'd be moving in on territory that doesn't need sighted artists stomping over it, that instead needs more space for all kinds of artists to stomp, cruise and bungee jump around - I never know, and I never know where to look with such things. (Yeah, yeah, 'Google'.)
I don't want to make people angry. Hell, I don't even want to make a statement. I just want to make people go 'hey that was pretty cool I enjoyed it and I'd like to enjoy more cool stuff of yours'.
...And this whole paragraph is probably fulfilling some internet law about 'as the length of the blog post increases the probability of the otherwise well meaning writer putting their foot in it approaches 1'. So apologies in advance.

Even if I don't touch on that stuff. Even if I start work on simpler artistic ... whatever. I've got to do something.
I'm mostly trying to tell myself something that I've read a million times. Though I can't think of the exact places I found the quotes... I remember a couple. This blog, for one, which kind of cheered me up a lot during those nasty work times. And this Penny Arcade news post that I couldn't remember for the life of me what exactly it said until much google fu was applied. But now the googles have been done I know why it stuck.
"Every creative act is open war against The Way It Is. What you are saying when you make something is that the universe is not sufficient, and what it really needs is more you. And it does, actually; it does. Go look outside. You can’t tell me that we are done making the world."

...Though all that said, I don't even know where I'd start creating such things with my limited resources and general lack of willingness to art outside of my own room. The rest of the house doesn't feel as comfortable for me to do stuff in freely, even as ridiculously indulgent in my nerdery as my folks are. It's just a personal space thing. That's always something that stands in my way.