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...things and stuff.

Emmi Phoenix

So yeah. Intros. Most interweb folks I know call me Emmi. (Otherwise Phoenix or M3, from various old handles.) I'm pretty easy-going as to whatever I get called, really, as long as it's not meant to be annoying...

Currently just an office jockey. I'd somewhat like to be a Disney Imagineer, but I'm not that optimistic that something like that'd happen. For one, I'm in the wrong country for 'em.

I use an Apple computer when I can, produce a whole lotta fanart (I hang out here on dA), and play any consoles I can get my hands on - I'm a game lover, but often more relating to plots and characters than the actual *gameplay*. (This lends itself to a great deal of related ramblings, so be warned. Also crack crossovers.) I also tend to obsess over robots and cyborgs etc, as long as they're not of the Resistance Is Futile variety. Other topics of rambling include workbusiness, RP ideas, and general stuff on my life. (It's LJ. Rant happens.)

I sometimes post icons - they're all there for the taking not just looking at. If there's no text or effects feel free to edit them to your own liking. And if I ever use anything without proper credit - please, tell me! I've lost a lot of details over time, unfortunately.

I don't often post friends-only. Random frienders don't worry me, but I'm only likely to reciprocate if you at least say 'hi!' or I know you from a comm somewhere, or I can see we share a few interests.

AIM me at oneirologue - I don't use the LJ IM section here to avoid bots.